Unfortunately Carla does not only work on other artists work before consulted. You will first need to inform her and schedule a free consultation. She will then be able to advise if she will be able to proceed.

Full price will be charged like any other new client if you have done permanent make-up with any other artist. Please note: There may be a follow up procedure between 8-12 weeks if it’s the first procedure with Carla.

Touch-Up procedures are NOT included in the first procedure. Please view touch-up prices.


Permanent Eyeliner Top OR BottomR950
Permanent Eyeliner Top AND BottomR1400
Microblading EyebrowsR1600
Eyebrow ShadingR1500
Ombre EyebrowsR1600
Lip LinerR1400
Full Lip ColouringR1900


Permanent Eyeliner Top OR BottomR550
Permanent Eyeliner Top AND BottomR750
Microblading EyebrowsR850
Eyebrow ShadingR750
Ombre EyebrowsR850
Lip LinerR750
Full Lip ColouringR900